Cannonball Express


Feeling brave? Then take your seat on Wipeout – the region’s largest rollercoaster and the only Vekoma Boomerang in the UK. After a gentle start, there’s just enough time to take in the views of the park before the carriage speeds through the station and loops around the track. Racing at speeds of around 50mph means you’ll soon reach the end of the line but, brace yourself as you get to do it all again… this time you’ll be travelling backwards!


One complete leg with foot and the other leg must be to at least the knee. Both arms to the wrist and one full hand. All prosthetics must be removed.

Ride Facts:

  • Reaches 5 G-force
  • Height of ride is over 130ft


  • Minimum height of 1.3m.
  • Further information and guidance is available on the safety signage on entry to the attraction.

Guest notice: Tall attractions and rides at height including Wipeout may experience temporary unavailaility due to intimitent weather, such as high winds, heavy rain and storms.

Height - Further Guidance

Height - Further Guidance

Min height 1.3m
Ride Type

Ride Type

Thrill Rides & coasters


Over 90cm (further guidance applies)