Feeling peckish? Head to Roosters at the Lake End of the park opposite the Egg-Spress roller coaster and Up & Away for a delicious bite.

Roosters in a Mid-West American barn themed takeaway, specialising in chicken based takeaway dishes specialising in deliciously filled wraps. The venue has outdoor undercover seating as well as plenty of benches to take a break from the fun. At Roosters you can enjoy;

  • Chicken filled wraps
  • Tango Ice Blast
  • Hot & cold drinks
  • Pre-packed donuts
  • Whippy ice cream
  • Pre-packed creams

Roosters accepts payments by both cash and card/contactless.

Smokey Joes

Found on the corner of Main Street next to Tony's pizzeria, Smokey Joe’s is one of the original dining experiences at Pleasurewood Hills. Named after the founder of the park, Smokey Joes specialises in handcrafted burgers, the perfect pitstop for a fun day out. Offering a range of flavours, with burgers made of British beef and premium brand sauces and cheese, Smokey Joes is the place to go. Here guests can enjoy;

  • Handcrafted burgers
  • Chicken strips
  • Tango Ice Blast
  • Hot and cold drinks

Vegetarian and vegan options are also available and there is plenty of indoor seating via the double doors on Main Street. Smokey Joes accepts payment by cash and card/contactless.

The Galley

A’ hoy me hearties! Let hunger set sail while you dock in and stop by The Galley. Located next to Tasty Treasures and between the Shiver Me Timbers pirate ship and Moby Dick, The Galley is the place to go for delicious hotdogs, the perfect appetisers for a day at the family theme park. There's plenty of outdoor seating to take a break and enjoy the mouth-watering flavours. At The Galley you can enjoy;

  • Loaded hot dogs
  • Bacon rolls
  • Sweet waffles and flavoured donuts
  • Whippy ice cream
  • Pre-packed ice creams
  • Hot and cold drinks

The Galley accepts both cash and card payments.

Tasty Treasures

Looking for something hot, filling and on the go? Then look no further than Tasty Treasures me hearties! Located next to The Galley in front of the Shiver Me Timbers pirate ship, Tasty Treasures is our new pirate themed takeaway for traditional hot British street food. You can enjoy;

  • Pie and mash
  • Hot pasties
  • Hot and cold drinks
  • On-tap beer (photo ID may be required for service)

Please note Tasty Treasures only accepts payment by card or contactless and is open during high season only.


Located next to Smokey Joes, paralell to Marble Madness and Water Fun Factory, is the dinining experience of Tony's pizzeria. Offering a slice of Italian style cuisine, Tony's is the place to go for a more relaxed feel, taking a break from the energy of the park. Sit and dine with your family and friends to the ambient music and surroundings with dining and licensed bar, where you can enjoy;

  • Thin crust pizza
  • Penne pasta
  • Garlic flat bread
  • Freshly ground coffee
  • Soft and alcoholic drinks (photo ID may be required)

There is undercover outdoor seating at Tony's opposite the ponds with wheelchair/scooter access via Main Street through Smokey Joes and the adjoining door.

Parrot Ices

If ice cream is your favourite, the place to go for a delicious sweet treat is none other than Parrot Ices. Located on the corner of the Birds of Paradise building, adjacent to Woody's Emporium and opposite to Wipeout, Parrot Ices served up refreshing and flavourful, traditional cornish ice cream from Kellys. Choose from a range of flavours with tub and cone options. At Parrot Ices you can enjoy;

  • Cornish clotted ice cream
  • Hot donuts
  • Hot and cold drinks
  • Slush
  • Pre-packed ice creams

We also serve a vegan-friendly mixed berry sorbet. On a beautiful sunny day on the East Coast, be sure to visit Parrot Ices for ultimate refreshment.



Located on the corner of Main Street and Main Square is our new addition to our culinary experiences at Pleasurewood Hills, our flavourful, Amigos. Specialising in the taste of Mexico, Amigos offers a range of delicious delights to enjoy on the go. Dishes include;

  • Burritos
  • Loaded Fries
  • Nachos
  • Churros (served with Nutella chocolate sauce)
  • Hot and cold drinks

Customers can choose their fillings of burritos and toppings on their fries or nachos to suite their tastes. Vegan and vegetarian options are available. Please note Amigos only accepts payments by card or contactless and is open during high season only.

Opening times of our food outlets may vary. Menu items are subject to availability. Promotional images are not an exact representation of servings.

For allergen information, please ask a member of staff.