Jolly Roger

Cannonball Express


If you’ve got a head for heights, then buckle up for a ride on the Jolly Roger. You’ll be taken straight up to a height of 40 metres where you’ll have the best view of the park. On a clear day you may even get a glimpse of the sea before the exhilarating ride back down to earth which takes just 0.8seconds and reaches 5.5g.

Ride Facts:

  • Opened in 2012
  • Tallest drop tower in East Anglia


  • Minimum height of 1.4m.
  • Further information and guidance is available on the safety signage on entry to the attraction.

Guest notice: Tall attractions and rides at height including Jolly Roger may experience temporary unavailaility due to intimitent weather, such as high winds, heavy rain and storms.

Height - Further Guidance

Height - Further Guidance

Min height 1.4m
Ride Type

Ride Type

Thrill Rides & coasters


Over 90cm (further guidance applies)