We welcome visits from disabled guests and we will endeavour to do all we can to make your visit a safe and enjoyable one.

To obtain the disabled entry discount rate you must present valid proof of being registered disabled. We offer a concession rate of £18.50 per person for disabled guests and their carers that is pre-bookable online. To qualify for a disability/carer concession you must provide;

  • Official printed documentation of receipt of disability benefit or diagnosis from Department of Work and Pensions or NHS accompanied with a photo ID for the concession claimant. Please note we no dot accept screenshots of documents nor bank statements via any means.

  • A Nimbus Access Card or equivalent

  • For a carer concession we only accept official printed documentation from DWP of receipt of carers allowance accompanied by a photo ID or a professional carers photo ID card.  We do not accept screenshots or bank statements. Carers are a paid concession.

We offer Priority Boarding for disabled guests when presenting the above documentation. Priority Boarding allows guests to enter via the exit lane on our rides (please note there is no priority boarding on Cannonball Express or Wavebreaker). Please note the Water Fun Factory, Jolly Roger, Giddy Up, Wavebreaker and Woody Coptors are accessible only by steps. It allows Priority Boarding each ride every half an hour. Guests with the Priority wristband can be accompanied by three guests.

Ride Safety

Certain rides in the park are quite demanding physically and we therefore reserve the right to refuse admission to these rides where we believe there may be a danger to one or more individuals for whatever reason. Refusal to allow admission does not constitute discrimination when based on Health & Safety guidelines and we trust that you will understand these decisions in the interests of guest safety.

Disabled Guest Facilities

Disabled toilets are available throughout the Park, their location can be obtained from our Park map or downloaded from our website.

Mobility scooters can be hired from the park. They are available via an optional extra to your online purchase, and they are also available to hire from the admissions kiosks. Please note mobility scooters are subject to availability.

Please note, availability is limited and they are hired out on a first come, first served basis.

Disabled parking is located near to reception. Directions to disabled parking are signposted. Please note, concessions do not apply to parking.