Marble Madness - Coming Summer 2024

Jolly Roger


Don’t be fooled by the friendly faces of the carriages, these mischievous characters will take you on an exciting ride filled with plenty of exciting twists and turns. You’ll be taken straight to the top of the track and will feel like you’re balancing on a knife’s edge before a sudden turn takes you by surprise. There’s just time to catch your breath before it’s time for another change of direction.

Currently Closed (Rollin' back in summer 2024)

Ride Facts:

  • A classic Wilde Maus rollercoaster.
  • Made by Maurer Rides.
  • Opened in 2014.


  • Minimum height of 1.25m.
  • This ride features sudden movements and sharp braking.
  • Further information and guidance is available on the safety signage on entry to the attraction.

Height - Further Guidance

Height - Further Guidance

Min height 1.25m
Ride Type

Ride Type

Thrill Rides & coasters


Over 90cm (further guidance applies)