Family Rides

Woody's Cub House Woody's Cub House open
Moby Dick Moby Dick open
Funky Flyers Funky Flyers open
Mini Twister Mini Twister open
Flying Elephants Flying Elephants open
Shiver Me Timbers Shiver Me Timbers open
Wavebreaker Wavebreaker open
Woody's Tea Party Woody's Tea Party open
Bumpercar Garage Bumpercar Garage open
Carousel Carousel open
Woody Copters Woody Copters open
Giddy Up Giddy Up open
Up and Away Up & Away open
Safari Safari open
Mini Pirate Ship Mini Pirate Ship open
Lighthouse Lighthouse closed
Waveswinger Waveswinger open
Egg-Spress Egg-Spress open
Rootin Tootin Target Trail Rootin Tootin Target Trail open
Woodland Express Woodland Express open
Kite Flyer Kite Flyer open
Chairlifts Chairlifts closed

Live Displays

Birds of Paradise Birds of Paradise open
Sea Lion Splash Sea Lion Splash open

Thrill Rides & Coasters

Cannonball Express Cannonball Express open
Jolly Roger Jolly Roger open
Marble Madness Marble Madness open
Water Fun Factory Water Fun Factory open
Wipeout Wipeout open
Egg-Spress Egg-Spress open